Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 6: A Childhood Memory

My Gramps passed away suddenly almost two years ago and I still miss him so much. When he passed away my Grandma gave me a few of his things because she wanted me to always have part of him with me.

The first things she gave me were two of his handkerchiefs. He always carried one in his pocket and when I was a kid he would dry my tears with it.

She also gave me one of his fishing hats. When I'd visit for the summer I'd always steal it and wear it the whole time I was there.

Bryan and I started a garden this year and one of the things I had to plant was radishes. Gramps had them in his garden and they were my favorite to pick and eat right out of the garden. I was so proud that I grew them completely from seeds:

He taught me well.


jae said...

That is soooo sweet. I'm glad she was able to pass those items to you.

Kristin said...

Ugh..wiping tears from your story and the photos to go with it! Sorry for your loss, but what wonderful, cherished memories!

Jess said...

Awwww, I'm all teary eyed over here. Beautiful.

Kate said...

what a great memory. and growing something from seeds is quite an accomplishment. I have yet to succeed.

Alicia said...

You know how much this resonates with me. Hugs to you.